All All About Phones services on Phones and Tablets are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for the lifetime of the serviced device.

Limited Liability

All About Phones provides an initial repair quote upon inspection of all devices. Prices may vary depending on the type of device sold or repaired and, in the case of repairs, the initial extent of the damage done to the device. Unless dropped, broken or liquid damaged, any device repaired by All About Phones can be diagnosed under warranty for 90 days from the day that the device is returned to the client. This warranty covers defects in the parts, general labor or repair issues that can be assessed as directly caused by a repair, and overall workmanship of the repair. Any device that has been damaged by liquid or exposed to liquid in any way (liquid damage indicators have changed) cannot be warranted regardless of any repairs to the device.


Liquid Damage

This warranty does not apply to devices that have been exposed to liquid in any form. Electronic devices which have been exposed to liquid and have had their condition compromised are known to be unpredictable before and after any repairs are made on the device.


All About Phones’s “Liquid Damage Cleaning” service is a non-warrantied procedure implemented to stop corrosion on devices and attempt to restore full functionality to the device and extend the life of the device. Depending on the level of liquid exposure the device has experienced, our technicians may offer and explain this service in addition to the price of repairs that may be needed after the device has had this service performed.

After All About Phones repairs the device, the warranty does not protect against:

  • Subsequent mishandling that causes the frame to bend, twist, or crack
  • Water damage
  • Subsequent accidental or purposeful drops
  • Tampering with internal hardware
  • Damage resulting from attempted customer repairs
  • Damage resulting from attempted repair by another company
  • Software issues unrelated to the repair
  • Jailbroken devices
  •  New damages unrelated to the original repair
  • Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair – customers are advised to back up all data prior to repair attempt

Our warranty also does not cover the outcome of a repair if certain pre-repair conditions exist, including:

  • Existence of known manufacturing and/or performance issues related to the device separate from the repair, as noted prior to the repair
  • Existence of damage to the frame of device, as noted prior to the repair
  • Water damage
  • Jailbroken devices
  • Tampering with internal hardware: under certain conditions, internal damage may make a repair impossible. Your repair technician will be able to explain in further detail upon diagnosing your specific device. If in doubt, we recommend that you do not attempt to repair on your own, as any damage may affect the reparability of your device.
  • a NON-Working, damaged or severed home button/Bio-Metric scanner

The warranty is valid only for the specific device repaired and the original customer; it is not transferable across devices or if the device is sold or given to another individual.